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Xzault Media is the premiere boutique production company. We Imagine, We Create, We Deliver. 

We imagine, we create and we deliver, content that exceeds expectations on time, every time. We have created lasting brands for legendary entertainers, programs and companies. 4th dimensional extractions and interpretations of imaginations unfolding into the 3rd dimension. 

Xzault was formed in 1999 by Dan Dillman a third generation explorer, treasure hunter and life long Bay Area resident. Dan Dillman began his musical career in his early teens, producing, performing and promoting special events and concerts. Dan soon began immersing himself into computer generated  imagery creating digital art and video productions eventually forming his boutique production company.

Recent work

Electro Shock

The Latest Release from Electro Funk Artist Shauny B. Fresh. Xzault Produced The Electro Shock Music Video and Provided Distribution Services.

Concept through completion, xzault imagines, creates and delivers cosmic visions. 

Xzault can create, design and produce your projects branding, logo, title card, show opener, music video, theme songs, sound effects,  product artwork, website and so much more. We deliver cinematic graphics, motion graphics, editing services and sound design for all media formats.

Xzault utilizes the latest technologies from Adobe, Black Magic Design, Apple and Boris FX. We are a full service production company that develops original content, we provide complete 360 services from concept, scripting, filming, editing, color-grading and finishing of your next project, all in house. Concept through completion, we imagine, we create and we deliver. 


Planet Earth

The Solar System

Milky Way

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